About Element Solutions

Paul Pittman, MS, LEG – Geomorphologist / Geologist
Mr. Pittman has over 20 years of experience in the field of earth and environmental sciences. Most of this experience was in the field of fluvial, coastal, and hillslope geomorphology and analysis of sediment and land movement impacts to infrastructure and ecosystems. The analyses help to inform decisions about flood control structures, comprehensive flood hazard reduction planning, restoration design and construction.

Jeff Ninnemann, MS, LG, PWS – Wetland Ecologist/Environmental Geologist
Mr. Ninnemann is a wetland ecologist/environmental geologist. Jeff?s areas of expertise include wetland identification and delineation, OHWM delineation, wetland mitigation restoration design, stream and fish and wildlife assessments, permitting, project management, native plant identification, watershed assessments, geological hazard assessment, environmental assessments (Phase I, II and III), and environmental remedial investigations and feasibility studies.

David Galbraith, PE – Civil Engineer / Stormwater
Mr. Galbraith has more than 12 years of civil design and project management experience in the Pacific Northwest. He has served local agencies and private developers by performing as a project manager, design engineer, and construction inspector. His technical design experience includes L.I.D. stormwater facilities, hydraulic & hydrologic modeling, levees, berms, grade control structures, spillways and overtopping structures.

Micah Gregory – Geologist/Environmental Scientist
Mr. Gregory graduated from the University of Puget Sound in 2010, earning a B.S. in Geology with an emphasis in structural geology and environmental geochemistry. Micah began work as an Environmental Scientist with Element in December 2013 after accumulating over 7000 hours of well site geotechnical experience on land and offshore drilling rigs across the United States, and presently conducts geologic analyses and environmental assessments for public, private, commercial, and tribal clients. He maintains current 40-HR HAZWOPER and TWIC certifications.

Adam Crispin, BS – Environmental Scientist, Freshwater Ecologist
Mr. Crispin moved to Washington after leading a regional water quality monitoring program in northern California to assess water diversions with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. He has a wide range of expertise, including salmonid habitat restoration, streamflow monitoring, benthic macroinvertebrate taxonomy, freshwater algae analysis, and water chemistry analysis. He has also led monitoring efforts for many aquatic species, namely Pacific salmonids and ranid frogs. Adam has completed a 40-hour wetland delineation training from the Wetland Training Institute and is a certified forage fish biologist (trained by WDFW).

Pete Brands, PLS, CFed – Professional Surveyor
Mr. Brands performs hydrographic, bathymetric, and land surveying specializing in creating digital terrains used for surface modeling and assessments. In addition, he is well versed and experienced collecting ground based scanning and supplementing and calibrating aerometric LiDAR based DEMs. Mr. Brands is a Certified Federal Surveyor and performs numerous surveys that meet the federal requirements for fee-to-trust conversions.

Geneva Faulkner, MURP – Environmental Planner
Ms. Faulkner is an environmental planner who specializes in NEPA and SEPA compliance and permitting. Since graduating with her masters degree in 2013, she has worked on projects ranging from federal program management to development and transportation projects in local municipalities in Colorado, California, and Washington State. Her areas of expertise include project management, EA and EIS preparation, socioeconomic and environmental justice analysis, and comprehensive planning.

Emily Pizzichemi – Environmental Scientist, Biologist/Wetland Ecologist
Ms. Pizzichemi is a biologist with 7 years of experience in habitat restoration/mitigation and Endangered Species Act (ESA) compliance. She is a certified wetland delineator and has performed habitat assessments, fish sampling, benthic macroinvertebrate sampling, and water quality sampling throughout the U.S. and Canada, including Superfund and Brownfield sites. She is a NOAA and SSI certified research diver and holds current forage fish and electro-fishing certifications. She develops permit packages for restoration and development projects and writes mitigation plans, Biological Assessments and Biological Evaluations. She also has CESCL, TWIC, and 40-HR HAZWOPER. Additional skills includes GIS and habitat mapping, migratory bird tracking and tagging, and population projection modeling.

Lucas Phillips, BA – GIS Analyst
Mr. Phillips is a recent graduate of Western Washington University and holds a degree in Geography and Graphic Information Systems (GIS). Specializing in geospatial analysis and figure design, his expertise has contributed to the success of projects ranging from wetland delineations and geomorphic assessments to geologic hazard analyses and channel migration zone mapping. In addition to his ArcGIS capabilities, his skill set includes data management, remote sensing, image classification, census data analysis, spatial statistics, 3D Analyst, custom cartography, Model Builder, and Adobe Illustrator.


To better serve the specialized needs of our diverse client base, Element employs the following contract personnel on a project-by-project basis:

Ryan Vasak, MS – Fisheries Biologist
Mr. Vasak has over 15 years of experience as a fisheries habitat biologist focusing on Pacific Northwest salmonid species and ESA regulations. He completed a Masters of Sciences at Western Washington University and holds a BS in the fields of aquatic ecology and marine biology.

Lorne Balanko, MS, PE – Geotechnical Engineer
Mr. Balanko, PE has an MS degree in geotechnical engineering and is a licensed professional civil engineer in the State of Washington. He has over 47 years of geotechnical engineering experience in Canada and the USA, 26 of which were spent working in the Pacific Northwest.


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